Sales Email Form

Below is the intuitive Product Submission Form. It is built to be dynamic, meaning that the default format you see is the standard product template (available for $99) but you can insert additional rows of 1-column, 2-column, or 3-column options.

  1. Select your company from the dropdown. If you are new to us, simply select *Other and type in your company name.
  2. Enter in your contact information. If you don't, we can't followup with you!
  3. Select the template of your choosing. Don't see it? Select something else, and then make note of your preferred theme in the Notes at the bottom.
  4. Find your product using the new filter option, or choose your pre-approved manufacturer and SKU from the dropdown options. Please note you can now type into the fields to simplify your search. The form smartly finds the manufacturers and SKUs available specifically for your company's use – these include "free" MESA products as well as any products you may have inserted in the past. To enter a new SKU, select *Other in the manufacturer dropdown and manually type in the SKU information.
  5. Add rows if you choose. Remember, additional rows of content are subject upgraded package costs.
  6. Select the banners you'd like inserted into your email.
  7. Select your start and end dates for the promotion.
  8. Finally, add in any notes at the bottom. This is where you'd tell us if you want to include installation in a price, or maybe you want something to be a BOGO deal or something similar. Just make sure you reference the SKU so we know which item to customize for you.

Once you submit the form, a copy of the information will be sent to the contact email you provide in the form's header. We will followup with you soon after if we have questions about your email, otherwise, you can expect to receive an email proof within 2-3 days.

Please email if you run into any issues using this form.

Sales Email Submission
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